Our mission is to transport our clients products within the required time limit and in the correct way, while adapting ourselves to the volatility of demand.

A client is not happy if the members of the team are not satisfied. That is why the TIEX team is committed, firstly, to itself, and secondly, to our clients so that we can extend our commitment to our clients.



No product quality is achieved if the importance of the part of the production process which TIEX handles is not understood. We offer both fair and quality transport. What is fair transport? It is a service performed within the time set by the LOTT and with a cost that is competitive.

How do we achieve this? We have a professional team who organize routes, dependent upon the availability of drivers, and at a fair price for the hauliers, so they get involved, caring about the client. They are their clients and not the clients from the commercial department.

All this becomes possible by reducing the empty km and by improving the transportation time and selecting the most efficient routes. TIEX is more than capable of competing with the bigger companies and of developing a trusting and long lasting commercial relationship with each one of our Clients. Our Client relationship is one of mutual trust, providing the best service is ingrained in our company ethos.

“We want your product and we want to transport it”